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  • Attract the BEST
  • Make consistent, confident, defendable pay decisions
  • Reduce undesirable turnover
  • Align compensation with mission and goals
  • Ensure pay equity
  • Implement inspiring, results-oriented incentive plans

Compliance and Audit Services also available

COMPENSATION: MARKET PAY…your knowledge is a critical factor!

Knowing the market for jobs is critical. HRC consultants are experts in conducting surveys and helping clients decipher other market issues.

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Knowing the data… your knowledge and your employees’ perceptions of what is paid in the marketplace are critical.

  • What organizations do we complete with?
  • Market Surveys…Do we need data?..
  • What can we afford?
  • How do we get data legally and objectively
  • Where do we want to be vs. our marketplace?
  • What about benefits?

COMPENSATION: PAY FOR PERFORMANCE… Meeting the needs of your company!

To learn more about how we could help your organization pay for performance, contact us today.

Rewarding individuals and teams who create results, achieve goals, and allow your organization to excel can be an important part of your organization’s strategies.

  • Tired of the “entitlement” mentality in your organization?
  • Would you like to differentiate pay based on performance outcomes?
  • Need help in designing or implementing a performance management system?