Helping you to be your best is HRC’s goal! Noncompliance with current regulations and not having established best practices involves significant financial risk, as well undermines HR’s credibility.


Awareness of employment laws that affect your organization is the first step toward compliance. The number of regulations can be overwhelming to even the most sophisticated of HR professionals.

If you would like assistance that would enable you to remain in compliance in a practical, effective manner, contact us to discuss how we might assist you.


Human resource audits are an opportunity for HRC to work together with you and review your current HR processes and procedures. Audits allow you to identify changes that can minimize legal and/or regulatory liability, resulting in the peace of mind that you want within your organization.

Working with you, HRC Audits can consist of:

  • Specific compliance issues
  • HR policies and practices
  • HR department effectiveness

Prioritizing and streamlining your processes are the result of an effective audit. HRC will help you establish step-by-step processes to you maintain your new compliance.

We look forward to assisting you, contact us now.

Disclaimer: The recommendations and opinions provided by HRC Consulting are based on general human resource management fundamentals, practices and principles, and are not legal opinions. We strongly recommend that clients consult with legal counsel before implementation.