Recruiting/Selection & Search

HRC is equipped to assist you in attracting and hiring the high-performing individuals you need. Finding and hiring the right talent for your organization is one of the most important opportunities in your organization.

We provide two services to meet your goals:

1. Recruitment and Selection Strategies & Processes – We will work with you to establish systems to fit your organization.

2. Searches for your Executive Positions and your key HR Positions – We will do the search for you for these important positions.


HRC can assist you in establishing or improving your current strategies and processes.

The result:

You will be sourcing and hiring highly talented new employees who will align with your mission, goals and culture to produce the results you need!

Your successful new processes will be:

  • Timely
  • Cost effective
  • Risk minimizing
  • A competitive advantage


If you desire outside assistance to find and hire an individual for a specific executive position, or for a key human resources position, HRC offers complete search capabilities!

Our searches are very thorough, systematic and disciplined. We listen to you to learn your business, the needed competencies, the position’s potential and the results you need from the successful candidate.

The result:

Your new key person will be aligned with your mission, goals and culture to produce the results you need!

What makes us different is that we are not a search firm; therefore, all candidates will be sought out for their talent in meeting your exact needs. Our clients find this to be a great advantage!

As your partner in this process, whether the search is national or local, our emphasis is always on the outcome. We offer incentive plans to share with you efficiencies and resulting cost savings. We guarantee our work.

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