H. Lee Krapp

Lee Krapp, SPHR, has consulted with over 100 organizations and leaders as facilitator and coach, guiding his clients to accomplish their mission and goals. He has extensive experience in all areas of human resources and leadership development, as well as working with labor unions from many diverse industries. Lee specializes in mentoring and coaching senior executives. He is a recognized leader in designing compensation, benefit and reward systems to meet client organization’s diverse strategies and objectives.

Representative accomplishments include:

  • Coaching and mentoring newly appointed senior executives, including strategic planning, communications, leadership and measurements of results.
  • Designing a sales incentive program, linking corporate margin, manufacturing capacity and increased market share objectives, including team rewards.
  • Improving communications among the senior management, production and sales teams to re-energize their prototype production processes, reducing prototype production time from 60 days to 4 days.
  • Facilitating win-win union negotiations which resulted in a simplified union contract, reducing production scrap by 40%, and re-designing the compensation system to share the increased profitability with union employees (Detroit auto industry).
  • Analyzing organizational structures, including Succession Planning Processes.
  • Conducting Executive Search assignments for a variety of upper-level executive positions.

Lee founded HRC®, Inc. in 1985 and is currently a Principal of the company. After receiving a degree at the University of Cincinnati in Economics, he held several positions with major corporations including Corporate Vice President, Human Resources for multi-division organizations. He also served as a Captain in the United States Air Force as a Senior Combat Weapons Controller/Instructor. Lee has received the designation as a Lifetime Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).