Coaching Solutions

“He’s a great asset to the company, brings a fantastic set of technical skills to the job; but ever since he’s been promoted to manager of the department, he’s struggled with leading and motivating his team.”

“Her talent is exactly what we need for this project, however, she needs to improve her communication and delegation skills. If not, she’ll burn herself out trying to get it all done by herself.”

“I have had a wonderful career and have been known as an effective manager. Now they are asking me to step up to be a part of the leadership team. I’m not sure I am ready, but certainly don’t want to say that to my boss. I could use some help!”

If these scenarios seem familiar, you are probably looking for a “Performance Coach.” HRC provides one-on-one coaching for executives, managers, supervisors and individual contributors. The process is designed to develop the specific skills and behaviors so necessary for high performance today.

Benefits of One-on-One Performance Coaching

  • Individualized and targeted learning.
  • Comfortable and safe learning environment.
  • Immediate feedback on skills application.
  • Long-term and successful integration of new skills and behaviors.

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