Leadership Development

The LEADERSHIP CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS© are designed specifically to enhance the skills for a successful transition of managers and supervisors to their role in the 21st century work world.

Each session topic is three hours in length and can accommodate up to 24 participants.


Foundation Skills for Effective Management/Supervision include:

  • Session 1: Leading Performance in the 21st. Century – The New Role
  • Session 2: Communicating Effectively
  • Session 3: Leading for High Performance
  • Session 4: Motivating for High Performance
  • Session 5: Planning and Organizing Work
  • Session 6: Managing the Resource of Time
  • Session 7: Effectively Delegating Work
  • Session 8: Appraising Performance
  • Session 9: Solving Problems and Making Decisions
  • Session 10: Building Your High Performance Team


Advanced Skills for Effective Management/Supervision include:

  • Session 1: The Strategic Leader
  • Session 2: Managing Change and Change-Related Stress
  • Session 3: The Performance Coach
  • Session 4: Handling Difficult Performance Situations
  • Session 5: Conflict Management
  • Session 6: Developing Collaboration at Work
  • Session 7: Business Ethics
  • Session 8: Leading Productive Meetings
  • Session 9: Project Management
  • Session 10: Leading High Performance Work Teams

Additional features:
Participants completing 10 sessions receive a program certificate
Sessions can be customized to meet your organization’s individual needs
HRC offers full or half day workshops for those not seeking the full 30 hour certificate