Team Building for High Performance

HRC® has developed a Teamwork Training Program for work groups that want to develop the key competencies of “high performance” work teams.

The Problem:

Wasted energy, lost time, high frustration, costly rework; all typical symptoms in today’s work place. Organizations experience the pressure to compete, and to provide high quality services that satisfy and maintain costumers’ satisfaction. At no other time has the need for effective and efficient processes like collaborative planning, problem solving and decision- making been more acute.

The Solution:

Teamwork: merging the skills, talent and desire of all key players to maximize critical resources to meet business objectives. Successful work places today have found the great value of building strong, committed teams.

Who should attend:

  • intact work groups or work teams
  • long term project or planning teams
  • cross functional process improvement or redesign teams
  • ongoing management, leadership, steering teams
  • any group interested in improving its team performance

The Benefits:

Groups that participate in HRC’s Team Development Program reap the following benefits:

  • higher sense of purpose and mission
  • group cohesiveness and high levels of trust
  • skills for managing conflicts, providing feedback, planning, problem solving and making team decisions
  • a variety of high performance, quality work tools for practical application

The Curriculum:

  • Workshop 1 – Introduction to Team Work
  • Workshop 2 – Creating a Shared Team Vision
  • Workshop 3 – Effective Team Communication
  • Workshop 4 – Managing Team Conflicts
  • Workshop 5 – Clarifying Team Roles
  • Workshop 6 – Functional Team Roles
  • Workshop 7 – Creating High Performance in Teams
  • Workshop 8 – Maintaining High Performance in Teams

HRC can also customize Team Building Retreats, full or half-day Team Development Activities, Team Performance Assessments.

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